Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yummy Yummy Yummy......

...and then i discovered this....Ovomaltine Crunchy.... it's's crunchy..... it's yummy yummy yummy....
In Germany, and it is 100% true, you live among billions of tasty distractions.....healthy and unhealthy, but always the second type is the best ;-) So finding something soooooooo yummy accidentally one beautiful day in the S'n'M dirty the Super Market of course..... it was a delight i couldn't and wouldn't resist to.......

There is always something you fall in love with here in Berlin.... Super Katerina fell in love with yogurt .....i lost my heart over this ..........mmmmmmmmmmmm................

Curious??? You can order it here from

Friday, January 29, 2010

Henry Rollins in Berlin......

...a liar and his spoken word

I would have never allowed myself to miss Henry Rollins on stage but when i heard it was one of his spoken word shows...i wasn't so thrilled though i already had the ticket so i decided to go after bad could it be???
He started at 9 and stopped at 11.45...almost three hours....without stop, without water, without a single breath....Like a shotgun he kept on shooting us with his words and his ideas and his experiences and so much data.....Burma, China, Saudi Arabia, Teheran, Sahara dessert, India.....Minor Threats, Bad Brains, The Stooges....California, Washington DC, President Obama....

I always wanted to know what happens when you grow old and you cannot be young,fast and cannot be "punk and disorderly"...I remember myself 17 years ago how i used to make fun of my friends that were just some years older than me and i was calling them "Jurassic punks"...Henry Rollins is one of those "punks" that never quitted and never surrendered and despite his gray hair never stopped to live with the punk attitude he introduced us many years ago when he was singing .....rise above.

And as i saw tonight he still in his way tries to make people rise above and face the real world. After his punk youth came writing, acting and almost 50, he kept saying, and still he travels, he sees, he judges and most of all he enjoys to annoy "like a fly"....and that makes him so a teenager again...
So after all those years i finally found out....once you go never go back....

Friday, January 22, 2010

Killing time...

Moving in a new city ... in a new country is most of all an opportunity for new try-outs and a bunch of crazy things to lose yourself in experimenting. If i don't do it now then when??

So when the time was right i just grabbed the chance and visited a small amazing pink world in the middle of Berlin and it's rock'n'roll district, Friedrichshain. RuthTutGut's workplace looks like a girl's playground and i have to admit i was never into girly things or pink ... but times just change.

Pink elephants and white laces, glass mushrooms and beads of all colors just cannot take your eyes away from this "Alice in wonderland" little pink world. Sometimes you feel hypnotized and captured in this glass world ... but you never open the door otherwise the dream will end.

Making beads out of glass was my first try-out out of my ordinary hobbies. At first it was difficult but slowly as i watched glass melting over the flame my creativity feeling finally awakened ... not so successfully all the time ... but the world wasn't built in a day either. So like a tiny goddess of fire i keep on hoping someday to vanquish glass and it's magic. For now ... this is what i did ... am i natural born talent or what???

You can admire yourself RuthTutGut's world here or you can also contact her ( and if you are nice and polite then she can share her knowledge with you

Second try-out was more into the ordinary. Sports' girl ever since i can remember myself ... I can name and count several try-outs in all kinds of sports ... from the super common to the most awkward for a Greek. So being in the city of Berlin Bombshells was just a simple excuse to put on myself wheels for the first time in my life and try to run like the wind ... and i did ... even though my speed was more like midsummer afternoon in the center of Athens ... no wind at all.

After a series of falls in a real glorious style that i might say made me proud of my wasted acrobatic skills, i manage to gather everyone around me and as a real VIP i had two personal guards who were trying to keep me rolling no matter what. Two hours later i finally manage to control my falls, stand up by myself and move in turtle speed ... but still move ... ON WHEELS!!!
So next step is to add more speed, learn the moves and then ... i got it. And as soon as i think i am at the top of the world, i would have to face the reality of a roller derby game.
Keep walking then!!! or shut up and swim as we say in greece ... shut up and roller ...
Read more what wikipedia has to say about roller derby
Join Berlin Bombshells on myspace
Find out more about Women's Flat Track Derby Association(WFTDA) and the rules of the game here

Monday, January 11, 2010

Here's to you...

How many times someone has to listen to a song to figure out the lyrics????
In this case it was more than i can count....

i love you, you re my angel of all times
you re not like everyone else, you re one of a kind
i love you, you re my angel of all times
you re not like everyone else, you re a different kind

and still i am not sure ....this "of all times" doesn't quite fit, don't you think?

Though the song fits perfect to all of our "one of kind" people, valuable and precious as treasure. Sometimes simple words and direct meanings are more accurate in describing that feeling.
I love you, you re my one of a kind.....

Sons of Cyrus, a swedish band that i saw out of my concert planning some weeks ago. They exist since the beginning of this century. And till now they have three releases, you can find more about them, if you.... google (hahahha) their name. Or if you visit their myspace page here

The gossip is that the band was completely inactive since 2006 but now they are back and they even plan new recordings. I know everyone feels music differently but i think you should pay some attention to these lads from Stockholm.

Ikea, beautiful girls and good bands=Sweden.....ok in the first two there is always a doubt of quality but in music, Sweden offered and still offers more than ABBA and Roxette (....even though i love ABBA).

So here is the song in doubt....listen and judge by yourselves.

Welcome to....Femtasia!!!!

Her name is Femke Hiemstra, she is an artist based in Amsterdam and she wants to introduce us her amazing fairytale awkward universe of bizarre creatures and sayings in exotic languages among those ...greek(?)too.
I assume that our greek alphabet as russian or japanese must look really mysterious to a western artist... as my dear friend Super Katerina noticed. So this dutch artist with the use of greek in her paintings is one more of the funny coincidences for me ever since i got those special bonds...avec les pays bas.

Her book called Rock Candy contains new and older work. A mixture of childhood nightmares and adult creepy dreams innocent but dangerous....a perfect sample of european pop surrealism.
A picture is a thousand words so why spending time with words while pictures speak by themselves?

Join her in her "femtastic" world.....
Official website

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue...

Long before being fashion icon, long before being blonde bitch and sexy, long before being the new electro goddess, long before being Lady Gaga......She was just Stefani Germanotta, a brunette girl of Mediterranean origin who sang and played the wearing a peanut-green satin dress(?).
This old video is the proof though that underneath this Barbra Streisand meets Mariah Carey style.....she was just...WOW!!!

Samavayo are quite known to rock'n'roll audience. Teheran meets Berlin in this ultra interesting sound complex they call ...fuel. As grunge was for Seattle, fuel is the sound of this amazing city in the centre of Europe, Berlin.
"Here, House, Country, Hip Hop, Rock, Heavy Metal and Dub music are concentrated to such a degree that, within a radius of 500 meters, one can fully delve into each of these scenes." they declare in their website.

Their new album is expected in Spring of 2010 and will be the first "fuel" album in the music history. A mixture of all these sounds this city hosts but most of all an unique combination of melodic vocals and distorted guitars.

Meanwhile enjoy their video for the upcoming first single "Wait"....
a pleasure to ears and eyes!!!

This year i promised myself for consume as little as possible. Moving in another country is not the best time to spend money, especially in super useless but extremely cute Christmas things.

But promises are promises and i broke it the moment i made first came the tree ;-)

Super kitschy, absolutely in the days' spirit, and then...
my be loving blue iceman. How can someone resist to the only dressed
in blue iceman on the shelf?

So i thought... ok for this year...but... vanilla or chocolate????
I dont think there is anyone who is sure about this question.
So i ended buying both of them.

Some days ago a friend suggested me this borrowed link with Christmas ornaments... special, funny and completely far from the ordinary....
All of us can get silly sometimes, so just n'joy it.
Ignore the greek text and read between the lines, the deepest meaning of these ornaments ;-)

When it comes to sea and captains...i dont know a thing;-) till now of course...

Because now i met Captain Blue bear, my captain....

He has 27 lives and sails the seas of Zamonia and sees all these amazing things ...that is why he has the most beautiful eyes....

Though he will only speak about his 13 and 1/2 lives, because the rest is still a secret....

And now quiet.....i go sailing with him :-)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Whip 'em Hard...Whip 'em'll love it ;-)

They are from Sweden, they are young, absolutely handsome - like models and most of all they really rock....and what less one should expect from a band called The Flare-up!.

flare-up (noun) - a sudden intense happening; "an outburst of heavy rain"; "a burst of lightning"
outburst, burst / happening, natural event, occurrence, occurrent - an event that happens / salvo - an outburst resembling the discharge of firearms or the release of bombs / rush - a sudden burst of activity; "come back after the rush"

Just read their bio note at, hear the tunes and enjoy videos and photos.... No one can predict future but i have a hunch.

this is one of my favorite among their songs....

but this bowie-inspired hit is a must see.....;-)